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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for Swedish in a Multilingual Setting
Short nameCLARIN-SMS
Hosted by(1) Linköping University, Sweden
(2) Stockholm University, Sweden
(3) Uppsala University, Sweden
City of main hubStockholm
Country of main hubSE
Area of competenceLanguage technology and resources for Swedish, Swedish Sign Language, and multilingual settings. Expertise in the processing of parallel corpora including alignment and machine translation, pretrained language models, cross-linguistically consistent annotation within the framework of Universal Dependencies, and computation and evaluation of measures of text complexity.
Audiences- Linguists
- Phoneticians
- Psycholinguists
- Historians
- Literary scientists
- Art historians
- Digital humanities researchers
- Economists
- General public
Types of services- Helpdesk
- Technical support
- Training
- User assistance
Language portal for
Other languages covered- Swedish
- Swedish Sign Language
- English
- Expertise in linguistic diversity and multilingual applications
Modalities covered- Audio: speech
- Text
- Video: sign language
Linguistic topics- Computational linguistics
- Language diversity
- Field linguistics
- Language learning
- Neurolinguistics
- Phonetics
- Phonology
- Pragmatics
- Psycholinguistics
- Semantics
Language processing topics- Language processing pipelines
- Part-of-speech tagging
- Named entity recognition
- Syntactic parsing
- Machine translation
- Processing of discourse relations
- Pretrained models
- Text simplification
Data types- Parallel corpora
- Treebanks
- Language models
- Typological databases
- Text
- Video
- Audio
Resource families- L2 learner corpora
Generic topics- Natural language processing
- Corpus annotation
- Machine learning
- Digital humanities
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