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Full nameCLARIN K-Centre for Terminology Resources and Translation Corpora
Short nameTRTC
Hosted by(1) Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria
City of main hubVienna
Country of main hubAT
Area of competenceThe K-centre provides information and training to users on the preparation and documentation of translation-related resources, in particular terminology resources and translation corpora. This includes inquiries submitted to the Helpdesk related to tools, methods, data, and guidance in seeking further expert support. The service does not focus on language resources in particular languages, but is language independent.
Audiences- Terminologists
- Translation studies researchers
- Linguists
- Computational linguists
- Citizen scientists
Types of services- Helpdesk
- How-to documents
- Training
Language portal for
Other languages covered
Modalities covered- Text
- Text
Linguistic topics- Terminology
- Translation studies
Language processing topics- Machine translation
Data types- Term banks
- Translation memories
- Translation corpora
Resource families
Generic topics
Other keywords
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