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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for Treebanking
Short nameTreebanking
Hosted by(1) INESS at CLARINO Bergen Centre, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
(2) LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
City of main hubBergen
Country of main hubNO
Area of competenceWe can assist in making treebanks accessible and and searchable on our two websites. We provide documentation, guidelines and user support for the online exploration of the available treebanks. We can assist in the online construction of LFG treebanks as parsed corpora and in the online editing of Universal Dependency treebanks. We disseminate our knowledge through occasional tutorials and workshops on treebanking.
Audiences- Research groups and projects wishing to construct and deposit treebanks
- Researchers, developers and students wishing to explore treebanks
Types of services- Access to data
- Access to tools
- Helpdesk
- How-to documents
- User assistance
- Training
Language portal for
Other languages covered
Modalities covered- Text
- Audio: transcript
- Video: sign language
Linguistic topics- Syntax
- Morphology
- Semantics
- Pragmatics
Language processing topics- Building treebanks
- Editing treebanks
- Processing treebanks
- Disambiguating treebanks
- Parsing corpora
- Syntactic annotation
- Alignment of treebanks
- Integration of treebanks
Data types- Treebanks
Resource families
Generic topics- Formats
- Standards
Other keywords
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