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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for Language Learning Analysis
Short nameCLARIN-Learn
Hosted by(1) Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, United States
City of main hubPittsburgh
Country of main hubUS
Area of competenceOur centre is happy to provide advice on tools, corpora, and methods for the study of first and second language learning, conversational interactions, and a variety of language and developmental disabilities including aphasia, stuttering, TBI, dementia, and ASD.
Audiences- linguists
- psycholinguistics
- developmental psychologists
- computer scientists
- educators
- clinicians
Types of services- Access to data
- Access to tools
- Helpdesk
- How-to documents
- User forum
- Training
Language portal for
Other languages covered- 35 languages, with a particularly wide coverage for child language
Modalities covered- Audio: speech
- Video: gestures
Linguistic topics- language development
- conversation
- language disorders
- child language
- second language
- bilingualism
- conversations
Language processing topics- speech analysis
- archiving
- fluency
- lexical access
Data types- Corpora, both text and multimodal
- clinical data
Resource families
Generic topics
Other keywords
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