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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for South Slavic languages
Short nameCLASSLA
Hosted by(1) Jožef Stefan Institute (CLARIN.SI), Ljubljana, Slovenia
(2) Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (CLADA-BG), Sofia, Bulgaria
City of main hubLjubljana
Country of main hubSI
Date of certifcation2019-03-19
Area of competenceOffers expertise on language resources and technologies for South Slavic languages
Audiences- Computational linguists
- Computer scientists
- Citizen scientists
- Historians
- Language teachers
- Linguists
- Sociolinguists
- Sociologists
Types of services- FAQ
- Helpdesk
- Technical support
- Training
Language portal for- Slovenian
- Slovene
- Croatian
- Bosnian
- Serbian
- Montenegrin
- Macedonian
- Bulgarian
Other languages covered
Modalities covered- Audio: speech
- Text
Linguistic topics- Applied linguistics
- Dialect studies
- Sociolinguistics
Language processing topics- Basic language processing
- Information extraction
- Language understanding
- Named entity recognition
- Processing of morphologically rich languages
- Speech recognition
Data types- Manually annotated datasets
- Corpora
- Language models
- Treebanks
Resource families- Computer-mediated communication corpora (social media)
- Historical corpora
- Literary corpora
- Newspaper corpora
- Web corpora
- Parliamentary corpora
Generic topics- Evaluation of tools
- Machine learning
- Deep learning
Other keywords- Processing of closely related languages
- Language variation
- Spatial language variation
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