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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for The Languages of Sweden
Short nameSWELANG
Hosted by(1) The Language Council of Sweden, Institute of Language and folklore (ISOF), Stockholm, Sweden
City of main hubStockholm
Country of main hubSE
Area of competenceThe SWELANG K-centre offers advice on the languages, dialects and other parts of the intangible cultural heritage of Sweden. The focus is on the use of digital language resources and tools for collecting, processing and making language data available for research and development.
Audiences- Students, teachers and researchers in social sciences and humanities with an interest in the languages of Sweden
- Representatives of cultural heritage institutions
- Citizen scientists
- More generally those who are interested in the use of NLP tools and services to explore collections of written and spoken material in Swedish.
Types of services- Access to data
- Access to tools
- Helpdesk
- Access to documentation
- Data processing on demand
- Depositing
- Technical support / user assistance
Language portal for- Swedish
Other languages covered- Finnish
- Meänkieli
- Romani
- Yiddish
- Swedish sign language
- other languages in Sweden
Modalities covered- Audio: speech
- Audio-visual
- Multimodality
- Text
- Video: gestures
- Video: sign language
Linguistic topics- Language policy and planning
- Language infrastructure
- Language resources
- Language technology
- Dialect studies
- Sociolinguistics
- Plain language and language comprehensibility
- Terminology
- Lexicography
Language processing topics- Basic language processing
- Information extraction
- Topic modelling
Data types- Dictionaries
- Term banks
- Translation memories
Resource families
- Historical corpora
- Multimodal corpora
- Parallel corpora
- Spoken corpora
- Lexica
- Dictionaries
- Conceptual resources
- Glossaries
- Wordlists
Generic topics- Language policy and planning
- Swedish dialects
- Folkloristics
- Digital humanities
- Metadata
- Machine learning
- Legal issues
Other keywords
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