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Full nameCzech CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Corpus Linguistics
Short nameCorpLingCz
Hosted by(1) Czech National Corpus, Prague, Czech Republic
City of main hubPrague
Country of main hubCZ
Area of competenceProvides information, consulting and technical assistance on all topics related to corpus linguistics. This includes data formats, annotation, corpus querying, corpus linguistics methodology, statistical methods etc. Another specialization of the centre is empirical research on the Czech language.
Audiences- Computational linguists
- Computer scientists
- Language teachers
- Linguists
- Psycholinguists
- Sociolinguists
Types of services- Data processing on demand
- Helpdesk
- Technical support
- Training
Language portal for- Czech
Other languages covered
Modalities covered- Audio: speech
- Text
Linguistic topics- Applied linguistics
- Corpus linguistics
- Diachronic language studies
- Dialect studies
- Discourse
- Language learning
Language processing topics- Basic language processing
- Processing of morphologically rich languages
Data types
Resource families- Computer-mediated communication corpora (social media)
- Historical corpora
- L2 learner corpora
- Literary corpora
- Manually annotated corpora
- Newspaper corpora
- Parallel corpora
- Reference corpora
- Spoken corpora
Generic topics
Other keywords
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