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Full nameCLARIN K-Centre for Natural Language Processing in Greece
Short nameNLP:EL
Hosted by(1) ATHENA Research Centre, Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP), Athens, Greece
City of main hubAthens
Country of main hubGR
Active since2020-04-21
Area of competenceCLARIN K-Centre NLP:EL is an information service offering expertise and advice on (a) Language Technology for Greek, (b) on the issue of digital readiness of Greek (i.e. how ready is Greek for the digital age, as regards digital resources and language processing tools), and (c) on Greek Sign Language. It provides guidance for the development and annotation of language resources, for the findability, accessibility and use of existing language processing tools and web services, for the development of new technologies for language processing, as well as useful information and support regarding the fields of dynamic sign language synthesis, and special communication and interaction interfaces.
NLP:EL provides its services through two channels: it operates a helpdesk where users can address questions concerning the above issues. Besides responding to questions on these topics, it also provides informative material and documentation relevant to these issues; this material includes (but is not limited to) (i) scientific publications and presentations on Natural Language Processing (NLP) research and applications for Greek and Greek sign language, (ii) guides and tutorials on language processing tools and services for Greek and Greek sign language, (iii) direct connection to the specialized Sign Language Technologies website and (iv) direct connection to the CLARIN:EL infrastructure, where the users can find a catalogue of digital language resources and language processing tools, more detailed information and further training and dissemination material.
Audiences- Computational linguists
- Language Technology developers
- Language teachers
- Linguists
- Philologists
- Sign language community
- Political scientists
- Social Scientists
- Digital humanists
Types of services- Access to documentation
- Helpdesk
- How-to documents
- Training
Language portal for- Greek
- Greek sign language
Other languages covered
Modalities covered- Text
- Video: gestures
- Video: sign language
Linguistic topics- Lexicography
- Morphology
- Syntax
- Terminology
- Corpus linguistics
Language processing topics- Language processing
- Processing of morphologically rich languages
- Information extraction
- Named entity recognition
- Text mining
- Machine translation
- Sign language technologies
- Speech recognition
- Speech synthesis
Data types- Translation memories
- Term banks
- Treebanks
- Lexical conceptual resources
- Dictionaries
- Ontologies
- Thesauri
- Language models
Resource families- Historical corpora
- Computer-mediated communication corpora (social media)
- Newspaper corpora
- Parallel corpora
- Parliamentary corpora
Generic topics
Other keywords
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