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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for Digital and Public Textual Scholarship
Short nameDiPText-KC
Hosted by(1) Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities, DSU, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy
(2) Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale “A. Zampolli” (CNR-ILC), Pisa, Italy
City of main hubVenice
Country of main hubIT
Area of competenceThe CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Digital and Public Textual Scholarship offers expertise on
methods, data, instruments and technologies relevant in the field of Philological and
Literary Studies, History, Art History and Cultural Heritage.
Its actions aim at 1) sharing information with scholars and students about the state of the art in digital
scholarly editing and text annotation through Domain-Specific Languages; 2) supporting scholars and students in the creation and publication of digital scholarly editions and resources; 3) organizing training activities (for example webinars, workshops, and summer schools).
Audiences- Digital philologists
- Computational philologists
- Scholars in literary studies
- Art historians
- Cultural heritage scholars
- Computational Linguists
Types of services
- Helpdesk
- Training
- User assistance
Language portal for
Other languages covered- Italian
- Ancient Greek
- Latin
- Arabic
- English
- French
- German
Modalities covered
- Text
- Images
Linguistic topics- Text encoding
- Phonology
- Morphology
- Syntax
- Semantics
- Lexicography
Language processing topics- Automated text encoding
- Information extraction
- Domain-Specific Language parsing
Data types- XML-TEI encoded documents
- Treebanks
- Wordnets
- Dictionaries
- Ontologies
Resource families
- Historical corpora
- Literary corpora
- Manually annotated corpora
- Parallel corpora
- Lexica
- Dictionaries
- Conceptual resources
Generic topics- Text encoding
- Linked Open Data
- Domain-Specific Languages
Other keywords- Data modeling in the domain of philological and literary studies
- Software engineering in the domain of philological and literary studies
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